DOCKTOBERFEST, CHICAGO (underneath the Willis Tower)

DOCKTOBERFEST, CHICAGO (underneath the Willis Tower)

John Darnell, Vocals, Guitar

A native of Louisvillian, the artist John Darnell rew up in St Matthews at age 16 he taught himself how to play drums and later guitar which turned into a lifelong love of playing, singing and songwriting. In his twenties, many alternative and original bands fed his musical appetite as he performed at Tewligans and many other venues around the local scene. Next stop was California and the music studio. John spent many years recording and composing in studios in Northern California. Here John was exposed to the many songwriters and performers in the San Francisco, Berkley and Bay Area. California inspired many of John's works today. 

Upon the return from California, John ventured into growing his own recording studio and and Indie Label, J. D. Productions. In 2006, he produced and released the album Crystal Balls and Voodoo Dolls as the producer and Bass Player for the Porkpie James Band, a Blues, Soul and Funk trio. John's love for production and those organic studio techniques produce that luscious groove that brings you back home. The success of this reached Internet Sales and Stations World Wide, including a number one spot in Radio Stations in both Paris and Amsterdam. John went on to play the Scene and perform at the premier clubs in the local music circuit such as Stevie Rays and share the stage with artists like Gregg Foresman who is the guitar player for Martina McBride. In 2010 and 2011 had great success playing at the Pegasus Parade on Louisville's 4rth St during the Derby Festival. As well as airplay on WFPK radio. 

It was right during this time that John also  found himself hitting the circuit in St Louis. With just his guitar and his brand of Acoustic Soul and passion for performance, John played venues all over the St. Louis area. The Ritz Carlton, The Wolf Public House, Picassos (St. Charles), The Venice Cafe, The Luna Lounge and many other venues in St Louis. Inspired by the St Louis Blues music scene and the unveiling of the Chuck Berry statue in the Delmar Loop, by fall of 2011 he had covered 14 different venues. 

Today, John incorporates his diverse musical experience and talents, as well as his love for blues, funk and other musical genres into his music. With a style that is for better or worse drawn from his musical travels and influences and filtered through a mix of life, love, loss, and triumphs, one finds it difficult to pin John's music to one genre. He has last found himself in Lincoln Park in Chicago playing venues such as the Roots Room. Stan Champion was quoted saying, "Man you've got some soul". 

This lead to bigger venues such as the 2013 Docktoberfest in Downtown Chicago underneath the Wilis (Sears) Tower. At the River City Marina John shared the stage with 16 top bands and 20 International DJ's from Chicago, New York, Nashville and Louisville. John amazed the crowd with his energetic unique style, performance and artistry. 

In 2013 Johnny D also rose to a new height with Online Concert Ticket Sales for a booked Performance at Chicago's premier concert hall, The Elbo Room. This is an amazing venue that is well known nation-wide. 

It is just that extensive background and musical exposure, as well as his life experiences that serve as the catalyst to fuel the creative process that ultimately manifests themselves in the lyrics he writes and the music he plays.




J. D. Productions Sound Engineering

From California, to St Louis and Chicago to Louisville, J. D. Productions has touched on many regions and many styles of music.  ou name it, he's seen it. A lover of musical things, J. D. Productions mashes up the soundscape with cutting edge technology, old-school savvy and a passion for the perfect sound.